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June's Mince Fruit (No sugar added)

June's Mince Fruit (No sugar added)

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June's Mince Fruit ingredient is a delicious medley of fruits infused in wines and spirits before pulsing. This is especially used during the Christmas holiday season.                          No Sugar Added

Every year during the Christmas holiday, my mother baked the traditional Caribbean Christmas cake.  A main ingredient is the mince fruit.  June’s Mince Fruit was created in the memory of my mother, June Blackman who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away in 2014.  TobagoTrin will donate 10% of the sales from June’s Mince Fruit purchases to the American Brain Tumor Association.

The donations will go to researchers who are dedicated to making brain tumor advancements as well as to support patient and family services.

Tobagotrin and the ABTA thanks you for your support.

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