Hello all and welcome.

This is Roxann and my family is from Trinidad & Tobago, the island of Calypso music, Soca music, Steelpan and delicious food.

My husband Doyle and I are the owners of Tobagotrin, an ecommerce company we started a few years ago with our love for Caribbean Xmas cake and Sorrel.  Our products are Sorrel and June's Mince Fruit.

When you purchase the June's Mince Fruit product, 15% of the sales will be donated to the American Brain Tumor Association.

We really appreciate your visits, purchases and it would mean so much to us and our business for you to leave an online review.

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 My mom June Blackman

After my mom had the brain tumor surgery, the muscle surrounding her left eye and lid was not functioning as normal.  There were also several health complications that we were all trying to comprehend and I had so many questions.  My mother passed away in 2014 at the age of 70.  We are raising funds to go towards brain tumor research for the American Brain Tumor Association charity.  Thanks in advance for helping us help.


My Dad Rick Blackman

This is where I get my height, my dad is 6'3"


The Blackman family

Here is one of many family photos. I am the 2nd oldest, pictured behind my mother.


My mom and dad at a house party in Miami, Florida


My mom and dad, 

Got married April 4th,1966 in San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago

This picture was actually in a Trinidad & Tobago local newspaper